Covid-19 statement Dialog Group

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Covid-19 statement Dialog Group

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Dear relation,

We are currently experiencing challenging times. With this statement we would like to inform you about how we as a Dialog Group deal with this situation. First of all, the health and well-being of our and your employees is our primary concern. Fortunately, 100% of our population is currently healthy and productive. We have been working 100% from home since the beginning of this crisis and have closed our offices in the Benelux.

Collaborating and staying Healthy

As a supplier of customer- and employee interaction solutions, we use a number of our own solutions for this, supplemented with Microsoft Teams and Gotomeeting /webinar. We follow the guidelines of RIVM (NL) and National Safety Council (BE) and have an active Corona policy that we communicated to our employees and relations.
All our people are equipped with tools to work together productively. We keep each other informed via our interactive intranet, but also online Friday afternoon drinks, formal virtual company meetings‘ and one-to-one contacts between managers and employees. We have also facilitated working from home where necessary by providing additional dockings, mice, keyboards and monitors. Our employees also receive tips on how to work from home in a healthy and responsible manner. We also share this with our relations.

Business Continuity

Because all our customers have now also made working from home possible, we continue to provide full services and support; we offer 100% continuity to our relations. The last item was classroom training. We have now completed a tool selection and process analysis, which means we can remotely conduct the more technical / hands-on training in a virtual manner. We are happy to tell you more about it. Finally, we have already given a number of webinars and are planning to keep informing relations about product developments and innovations in our field.
To further safeguard the continuity of our business and to continue to meet our contractual obligations, we have also taken the following measures:

  • Enhanced recording of customer knowledge and processes in systems to reduce dependence on individual employees
  • Central holiday and absence planning and regular health checks
  • Special attention and assist program for employees for detecting and assisting with any mental health issues
  • Broadening the skillset of our employees through online training and transfer to avoid individual dependencies

As soon as there are changes in the situation, we will inform our customers and employees, continuing to base our policies on the official bodies. In the meantime, we deliver our services and products as much as possible in „Business as Usual“.

Stay safe and healthy,

Patrick Roelandt
Managing Director Dialog Groep